Creating a new Data Collection Field

To create a new field, click on the ‘+’ on the top right of the Data Collection table


Enter the ‘Field Description’ for your new field. Try and be as clear as possible in naming your field for user’s to understand what they have to enter.

  • For example, if you want to collect user’s Birthdays when joining your Loyalty Program, enter ‘Birthday’ for Field Description.


For ‘Input Type’, select from the dropdown the available field types. Note that this pertains to the type of data being collected.


Examples of Input Types to Field Description:

  • Full Name → Text

  • Email → Email

  • ID Number → Number

  • Birthday → Date

  • Website → URL

  • Phone Number → Phone Number

Once you have entered the Field Description and selected its Input Type, click on the check mark to complete the field creation.


When a new field has been created, you will see the field displayed in the Landing Page preview.

Deleting a new Data Collection Field

Click on the trash icon in the row pertaining to the field you wish to delete.

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