In the 'Pass Design' section of the Loyalty Program generator, you will customize your very own Mobile Wallet Pass to be used as your Loyalty Pass.

All of your Loyalty Program affiliates will have a personalized Loyalty Pass that helps them keep track of their Points, scan Pass to earn Points, receive location-based lock screen notifications, and find important information about your Business such as Phone Number, Website, and Locations.

A Loyalty Pass will be generated for both iOS Wallet and Google Pay.

To design your Loyalty Pass, choose your desired background and font color, all images to be used, fields to be displayed on the front and backside, and any useful link you’d like to provide to your program affiliates.

Please note that colors and images are used differently for both iOS and Android, therefore it is important to Switch views in the design process.


To Switch Previews between iOS and Android, click on the buttons below the Phone Preview.

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