When new program affiliates are signing up for your Loyalty Program, they must visit your Landing Page and confirm the Terms and Condition in order to join. We recommend outlining the Point and Reward System of your program as clearly as possible for your new affiliates.

Here’s an example of a simple Loyalty Program’s Terms & Condition:

  1. New program affiliates will receive 5 initial points at sign up

  2. For each visit, receive 1 point.

  3. After reaching 7 points, get a FREE Donut.

  4. After reaching 10 points, get $5 off your purchase.


You may type your Program’s Terms & Condition OR put a link to an external URL that outlines it.

Once you have your Terms & Condition defined, when the Terms and Condition hyperlink is clicked on your Landing Page, a Modal will open with the defined text.

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