To add and set up a new Location to trigger a lock screen notification when Loyalty Pass holder is nearby, click on the '+' icon in the top right of the Locations table.

To create a new Location, enter the following information:

- Name of the Location. This will not be shown to Loyalty Pass holders, and only used for internal purposes.

- Enter the address where you'd like the message to be triggered when Pass holder is nearby.

If you'd like to enter specific coordinates for the location, you must click on 'Advanced' and enter the coordinates for Latitude and Longitude.

After entering this information, click on 'Add location'

Once you the new Location has been created, it is listed on the Locations table.

To finish the Location set up, you must enter the message that will be displayed for your Pass holders.

To finish saving your new Location, click on the check mark icon to the right of the new Location row.

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