Once you have downloaded the Loyappty App on your Clover device, created a Loyappty account, and created your Loyalty Program using the Loyappty Web Portal, you are ready to start using Loyappty on your Device!

1. From your Clover’s Home Screen, open the Register


2. In Register, select and add your customer’s order and click on the ‘Pay’ button

3. Before the order’s payment, click on the Loyappty button displayed in the bottom right corner


4. The device’s camera will open. Place the customer’s phone in front of the device’s camera with their Loyalty Pass open.

Note you must place the QR displayed inside of the Loyalty Pass in the center of the camera in order for this to work properly.

5. When the Loyalty Pass’ QR is recognized and read, the following information will be displayed on the screen of your Clover device:

  • Pass Owner’s Name or Email

  • Total accumulated Points

  • Rewards available (if any)

6. If the customer has any no available Rewards, click on the ‘Continue to Payment’ button to finish.


7. Select your customer’s mode of payment and complete the transaction by clicking on the ‘Done’ button.


8. Once the transaction has been completed, your customer’s Loyalty Pass should be updated to the assigned Point rules of your Loyalty Program.

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