1. Once the customer’s Loyalty Pass has been scanned, you will see the following information on your device’s screen:

  • Pass Owner’s Name or Email

  • Total accumulated Points

  • Rewards available (if any)


If the customer meets the required amount of points that are needed to redeem the Reward, the Rewards available will be displayed.

2. Once the customer can see their available Rewards, click on ‘Redeem’ on the Reward they wish to use for that visit.

3. Once you have clicked to Redeem the available Reward, the assigned Reward should be displayed in the Order list.

For example: if a Reward type ‘item’ was redeemed, the item should now be displayed in the Order. If a Reward type ‘discount’ was redeemed, the assigned discount dollar amount should be removed from the total to be paid by the customer.

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