To get started setting up your Loyalty Program Point system, go to the Configuration section of the Loyalty Program Generator.

In the Points section, you have the option of selecting:

  • Initial Program Points

  • Point Accumulation Type

  • Points earned per scan/visit


Initial Program Points


These are the points awarded to new program affiliates when they join your program. They will receive the defined amount of points for joining.

For example:

If Initial program points are set to 5, when someone joins my loyalty program they will earn 5 points just for joining.

Point Accumulation Type

The Point accumulation type defines the way that points will be assigned in your program. There are 2 types of Point Accumulation Types:

1. Fixed

2. Bill Amount

Fixed Point Accumulation Type


For a Fixed Point Accumulation, a fixed Point amount has to be defined for every time a program affiliate scans their Loyalty Pass. This will define the number of Points earned per scan/visit.

For Example:

If a Fixed Point Accumulation Type is selected, then I will have to define the number of points that my program affiliates will earn everytime their Loyalty Pass is scanned.

If I define that 5 points will be earned per scan/visit, then every time a Loyalty Pass is scanned 5 points will be awarded to that person.

Bill Amount Accumulation Type


For a Bill Amount Accumulation, the number of points that program affiliates will earn per scan/visit will be based on the amount of $ spent in their purchase.

NOTE: All purchases will be rounded to the highest number. ($9.99 = 10 points, $5.50 = 6 points, $4.30 = 4 points)

For Example:

If a Bill Amount is selected and one of my Loyalty Program affiliates makes a purchase of $5.60, then 6 Points will be awarded to that person.

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