Give away items from your inventory when program affiliates reach a certain amount of points.

Simply select from the list of inventory items that were created and managed on your Clover device.

Example: You want to give away a free Donut after customers have reached up to 10 total accumulated points. Once the customer has reached the required points, they are able to redeem the Reward and get the free donut. This donut Item will be directly integrated with your Clover inventory system. Therefore, once the Reward has been redeemed, it will automatically be discounted and accounted for.

Creating a new Item Reward

To create a new ‘Item’ Reward, click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right of the Rewards table.


In the newly created row:

  1. Select ‘Item’ for Reward Type.

  2. Select ‘Value’. From the dropdown, the existing inventory Items that are associated with your Clover device will be available to be used for your Item Reward.

  3. Enter a Description for this Reward. The description should be clear enough to describe the Reward being awarded. This will be displayed in the redemption process.

  4. Enter the required amount of points for customers to be able to redeem the Reward.

  5. Finally, click on the check mark icon to complete creating the Reward.

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