Another form of incentivizing your Loyalty Program affiliates is by awarding them more points. These points can then be used to redeem bigger and more attractive rewards.

You are able to award or remove points of the amount of your choice.

Creating a new Points Reward


1. Select 'Points'' for Reward type

2. For the ‘Value’ field, define the number of points that you would like to award to your customers for this Reward.

For Example: If you wish to award 5 points once customers reach 10 points, then you must enter ‘+5’ for the Value field.

Note: you are also able to discount points, in this case, you must define the Value field as a negative, such as ‘-5’.

3. Enter a Description. The description should be clear enough to describe the Points that are being awarded. This is displayed in the redemption process.

For Example: I wish to award 5 Points to customers that reach 10 points, the Description field should be set to “5 extra points!”.

4. Enter the required amount of points for customers to be able to redeem the Reward.

5. Finally, click on the check mark icon to complete creating the Reward.

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